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Parent Info Session-Keeping Ourselves Safe: Tuesday 20 March

Over the next few weeks in your child’s class we will be teaching the personal safety programme Keeping Ourselves Safe. 

Keeping Ourselves Safe has been designed to teach children a range of safe practices that they can use when interacting with others.

  • it develops and strengthens children’s skills to keep themselves safe with other people;
  • it encourages children who have been, or are being abused to seek help;
  • it contributes to an overall community prevention programme by making adults more 
aware of the need to keep children safe from abuse by adults or other children.
Keeping Ourselves Safe will be taught by your child’s teacher, with help from the local School Community Officer as required.Please click on this link for more detailed information about “Keeping Ourselves Safe: Information for parents/whānau

To be successful, Keeping Ourselves Safe needs your help and support. Your child will have Home Book Activities to work on with you. Please talk to your child about what they have been learning. This will help reinforce the messages the school is giving, and help your child to use his or her new skills with confidence.

A parent and caregiver meeting will be held in the staffroom on Tuesday 20th March, from 2.15 – 3.00pm
This will be facilitated by Constable Cam Hefford who will explain the programme and answer any questions you may have.
We look forward to seeing you then