Epsom Normal Primary School


Onehunga Books & Stationery, located in Onehunga, has packs of stationery required for each year level. Please inform the book shop staff as to the year level pack you require when purchasing your child’s stationery.

Please note: For most year levels there are additional, compulsory stationery items that will be required for each child and these are not in the packs. Some children will already have these items from previous years. However if they do not, you will need to purchase these as additional items.

Onehunga Books & Stationery is open 6 days a week. Their contact details are: 

175 Onehunga Mall, Auckland
Tel: 09 634 0349

All packs are available for ordering online as of 22 January 2019.

All packs will be available for purchase in the store as of 21 January 2019. 

Please note that purchases can only be made from ONEHUNGA BOOKS & STATIONERY 

Throughout the year, when extra stationery items are needed, ONEHUNGA BOOKS & STATIONERY has a stock of our stationery requirements.