Epsom Normal Primary School


As of 2020 we will be offering parents 3 options for the purchase of stationery packs.

  1. Stationery packs will be available at Onehunga Books & Stationery, located at 175 Onehunga Mall, Onehunga (Tel 09 634 0349). Please inform the bookshop staff as to the year level pack you require when purchasing your child’s stationery. Packs can be purchased from 15 January 2020 or online from Onehunga Books & Stationery from the 10 December 2019 although delivery will not be until after the 15 January 2020.
  2. Stationery packs are available online now through the Eeny Meeny website. Packs can be ordered by selecting Epsom Normal Primary in the drop down box at schoolpacks.co.nz
  3. Stationery lists will be available at the school office at the end of Term 4, 2019. Parents will be able to purchase the required stationery items from your preferred supplier and make up your child’s pack.

Please bring your child’s complete stationery pack to school on their first day. Your child’s teacher will name and set up your child’s stationery requirement. Any spare stationery items will be stored in the classroom and given to your child as needed through the year.