Epsom Normal Primary School

2020 Learning Theme: Together We Are Strong
Kia ngãtahi ai te tu
E pakari ai te tuarã
Stand united, stand strong!

Kia ora koutou,

Reflecting on Term 2
We have one more week left in Term 2 with COVID-19 still in our midst. As a community, we have all worked together to respond to COVID, and we now need to work together to recover from it. Our children have surpassed our expectations in transitioning back into their daily routines and without our amazing staff and ENPS community, this would have not been possible. We look forward to an eventful Term 3.

Farewell to Deputy Principal, Shoba Segar
One of our Deputy Principals, Shoba Segar, will be leaving our school at the end of this term. She has won a position as an Associate Principal at Stonefields Primary, a school where she has worked previously. We are proud of her contributions to Epsom Normal Primary School. She has been a hard-working, dedicated and committed member of our Senior Leadership Team and has served the school for the last eight years. Shoba had been a caring mother, counsellor and best friend, for many New Entrant and Year 1 children over these years. She has served with the utmost respect for children with diverse learning needs.

Shoba has demonstrated great care and love for the Epsom Normal children and her warm relationships with all whånau at Epsom have been exceptional. She has been instrumental in creating an exemplary school culture amongst the staff and the teams she has worked with, including initial teacher education providers such as AUT. We are all very proud to wish her well for a successful journey ahead. On behalf of the BOT, parent community, staff, and children, she deserves our hearty thanks and sincere appreciation for her contributions to the school. Kia kaha Shoba!

Mā mua ka kite a muri, mā muri ka ora a mua – Those who lead give sight to those who follow, those who follow give life to those who lead.

Kapa Haka Performance – End of Term Celebrations
The school Kapa Haka Team will be performing on Friday, 3 July at 2.30pm on the Junior courts (outside Room 22/23), to show our appreciation to the parent community, grandparents, our children, essential workers, and the leaders of the country, for their efforts towards a successful recovery from COVID-19.

I would like to thank the PTA for their amazing commitment to the school in fundraising for a number of valuable resources. Our students have very much enjoyed participating in the annual ATHON and supporting the Ice Block Sales.

Cultural Day – August 7
School Disco – tbc
DOT Days (Development of Talent) September 23-24
Parent Consultation:
August 19 – Year 3 and 4
August 20 – Year 1
August 26 – Year 5 and 6
August 27 – Year 2
Year 4-6 Cross Country – September 3

Teacher Only Day – Friday, 18 September (No School)

Our science learning for ‘I am a Chemist’ has gone off with a hiss and a roar this term! Students have been engaged in learning about how chemistry impacts the decisions we make in our everyday lives and where we see changes in the world around us, such as the states of matter and permanent and temporary changes due to chemical reactions. There is a real buzz in the Middle and Senior School classrooms as groups prepare for our annual Science Fair and the tamariki’s projects are showing great creativity and curiosity in their science learning.

We look forward to our next topic, ‘I am an Athlete’. With such an exciting topic just around the corner, we would like any parents who are able to offer their time or expertise in this area, to please contact our curriculum design leader, Gabby Robinson at grobinson@epsomnormal.school.nz.   We would love to create opportunities for our children to experience ‘thinking in the mind of’ an athlete and ‘walking in the shoes’ of an athlete. We would be very grateful to any parents or community members who are able to assist us.

Mahia te mahi, he painga mo te iwi.
We strive every day to do the work for the betterment of the people

Ngā mihi nui,
Ateel Sudhakar


Park safely and keep our kids safe

Our school is participating in Auckland Transport’s ‘Safety at the School Gate’ programme. Drivers who stop in the wrong place to drop off passengers put the safety of children at risk. Parking officers will be on patrol outside the school this term and will be issuing tickets to drivers who park illegally.

The agreed approach is ‘zero tolerance’ – There will be no warnings issued. You will receive a ticket if you are double parked, parked on yellow lines, or over someone’s driveway – or for any other vehicle safety offence.

Please park legally to keep our children safe and to avoid being ticketed.