Epsom Normal Primary School

Kia ora whānau

We have now received further information from the Ministry of Education with the guidelines for schools in Alert Level 2.

Please READ and take note:

  1. We are required to keep a detailed register of the people who enter the school premises in the event that we need to contact trace. When you come onsite, you need to log in your entry on our school app.

  2.  If you don’t have the school app, we request that you install it on your phone as soon as possible. You can get the School App from Google Play or Apple Store

  3. To enable us to monitor all who enter the school premises, the stone steps will be the only entry point for the school. All other entry points will not be accessible.

  4. We have created a Drop Off and Pick Up area at the school stone steps entrance which is coned and labelled.

  5. All parents are to leave their children at the Drop Off area in the care of our school staff.
    Unfortunately, parents will not be allowed beyond the school Drop Off area, except for the NE parents. NE children need to be dropped off outside the Awhina Room where Mrs Simpson will meet and greet the children and settle them into their classroom.

  6. We request that all children are dropped off at school between 8.30 and 8.50am.

  7. Y1-6 children need to go directly to their classrooms upon arrival at school at 8:30am.

  8. Pick up times
    As indicated in the newsletter on 12 May, we will stagger the pick up times as follows:
    NE/Y1-Y2: 2.45pm
    Y3-4: 2.50pm
    Y5-6: 2.55pm

  9. All children will be dismissed from the new school Pick Up and Drop Off area, except for the NE children who will need to be collected from outside the Awhina Room. Children who walk home will make their way home. If the children are meeting you to walk home, they will meet you or your designated pick up person, on the courts by the stone steps.

  10. Parnell Trust, the before school and after school care facility, will be opening from Monday, 18 May. Please register your child if you are seeking before and/or after school care.

  11. The school Tuck Shop will be open for students wishing to order their lunches.

Once again, we would like to reassure our school community that ENPS is a safe place for your children to be. We know some of the expectations may be overwhelming, but we as a school, need to be in compliance with the MOE and MOH guidelines to provide a safe learning environment.