Epsom Normal Primary School

Our vision for  the school is realised through four learning priorities: inclusive, strength-focused, the creative and the critical

Our students are:

Nurtured by community (inclusive)
We believe that students and staff at ENPS have a right to live and work within an inclusive and respectful school community. Such a community supports teachers to encourage students to develop a sense of belonging whilst acknowledging and valuing their diversity, uniqueness and creativity.  We value and recognise each other’s cultural heritage.  We want all students to be the best that they can be by seeking to understand themselves and others whilst experiencing the support and unity of a caring, inclusive school community where everyone feels that they belong and can be successful.

ENPS programmes acknowledge the bi-cultural foundations of Aotearoa New Zealand and reflect the Treaty of Waitangi principles of Participation, Protection and Partnership. All students at ENPS have the opportunity to acquire knowledge of te reo Maori me ona  tikanga.

Inspired by creativity (teaching)
Our school’s philosophy emphasises the importance of a strengths-based approach to teaching and learning. Through this approach students are motivated and empowered to work from a position of strength and self-belief, knowing that their contributions and creative ideas will be valued and respected. This encourages them to take responsibility for their own actions and choices and to explore themselves as learners.

Our teachers work to establish and sustain relationships within which students feel valued and respected in a climate that encourages creativity, experimentation and innovation.

Empowered by strengths  (learning)
We believe that all children have unique and often undiscovered strengths and abilities. Accordingly, our school curriculum is carefully planned to empower students to realise their innate potential and to become successful, creative self-motivated learners. Our objective is to promote a vibrant learning environment that enables students to creatively develop their individual dispositions and talents.

To be responsible global citizens (thinking critically to make a positive difference)
We believe that all our children can make a positive difference now and in the future.  To do this they need to be able to critically examine the way that texts, symbols and stories are socially constructed.

In describing our teachers we use terms such as ‘critical practitioners’ and ‘researchers’ who research their own practice to make a positive impact on student achievement and they keep up-to-date with current educational theory and practice.