Epsom Normal Primary School

Our values are reflected in the ways that we behave

We demonstrate respect by:

  • respecting ourselves and others
  • appreciating that we are all different and that our differences are to be celebrated
  • listening attentively and respectfully to others and keeping an open mind
  • being truthful and compassionate when sharing our thoughts, feelings and views
  • keeping  ourselves and others safe and nurturing one another


We demonstrate inclusiveness by:

  • valuing and respecting each other’s differences
  • being non-judgemental about our and others’ differences
  • actively seeking to understand how different values and cultures work
  • seeking out the things that we share in common
  • ensuring that those who wish to “join in”  are encouraged and allowed to do so
  • sharing humour and joy for each other’s success
  • recognising and valuing our own and others’ special talents


We demonstrate optimism by:

  • thinking and believing good things about ourselves and saying “I can!” rather than “I can’t!” when faced with challenges
  • being grateful for and appreciative of the many good things in our lives
  • holding ourselves together during the tough times
  • finding ways that we can act to make things better
  • believing in ourselves and supporting the endeavours of others
  • being positive and optimistic about our own futures and about the future of the school the community and the global world


We demonstrate commitment by:

  • having a clear and exciting vision and goals for ourselves
  • knowing  what we need to do to achieve our  goals – including accepting  help and support from others when we need it
  • persevering until we achieve the highest possible attainments and results
  • pacing our efforts and celebrating our achievements along the way
  • being flexible and overcoming barriers
  • being proud when we produce high-quality work


We demonstrate courage by:

  • being the best that we can be, whatever the circumstances
  • taking a stand and speaking out about injustices
  • taking personal responsibility for our behaviour and not blaming others or justifying or making excuses for our actions
  • trying our hardest to make sure that our actions match our words
  • saying sorry when necessary
  • forgiving others
  • giving others clear, objective feedback about their actions or behaviour


We demonstrate enjoyment by:

  • being positive and seeing the world as an exciting place
  • calming down quickly when we’ve been upset
  • being confident in our ability to positively influence the world around us
  • smiling and laughing as we learn
  • freely sharing our enthusiasm with others