Board of Trustees

Adam Taylor

Adam holds several degrees in engineering on top of his trades background, and having obtained his PhD he currently lectures and researches in power engineering, power electronics, communications, and the relationship between people and technology. He is passionate about mathematics education and literacy both as a gateway to career opportunities and as a facilitator of critical and analytical thought, and he is a keen outdoorsman often found taking his three sons fishing, hiking in the local ranges, camping, or canoeing the rivers and seas around Auckland.

Adam was previously a Cub Leader in both Wellington and Auckland, and he was elected to ENPS’ Board of Trustees in 2011, and to the Chair in 2015. Adam is the father to one ENPS graduate of 2016, with his second son set to graduate in 2019, and his third son started at ENPS in 2016 and will graduate in 2022.

Shane Hinton

I specialise in risk management and compliance and have worked in senior roles for a range of banks and insurance companies. I am especially interested in good governance and am captivated by how Board’s work to enable management teams to succeed. I am very interested in how early education and school work together in order to generate excellent outcomes for our children. Professor David Giles, who works closely with the school, was recently heard to say “this year can’t be last year repeated” – I certainly believe in the essence of that message.

I was seconded to the ENPS Board in June 2013 and was re-elected in 2016. I was also elected to the Auckland Kindergarten Association Board in November 2010 and also serve as the Chair of the Audit & Risk Committee there. Sharon & I are very pleased to have one daughter who graduated ENPS in 2015, with another daughter to graduate in 2017

Adrian Lee

I am a Chartered Accountant and currently work for a large company listed on the New Zealand Stock Exchange. I was previously an audit manager at one of the Big 4 accounting firms.

I have been on the ENPS Board since June 2010 and have been on the ENPS Finance Committee throughout that time. I am passionate about ensuring children receive quality education and am pleased to see that ENPS continues to maintain a high standard.

My daughter graduated from ENPS in 2014 and my son is in his final year at ENPS.

Joanna Beer

I joined the ENPS Board of Trustees in 2014. I have been a member of the Finance sub-committee and more recently the Human Resources sub-committee. I feel strongly about supporting our school by working collaboratively. We have a son in Y6 at the school, and an older son who graduated in 2015. I have a Bachelor of Management Studies degree, and am a director of a family engineering business. During my career I worked in senior business management and marketing roles.

I am passionate about volunteering to contribute to the community. I am a long-time member of the ENPS PTA, am on the PTA at ANI, have been a Board member of Plunket Auckland City, and on the parent committee at Eden Epsom Kindergarten. In my spare time, I am a keen tennis player, love traveling, cooking, boating and reading.

Brett Bishop
Michelle Wong

I was co-opted onto the board in 2017. I grew up in Epsom and am a former student of ENPS. I have a Masters degree in Physiotherapy and currently work in the private health sector.

I regularly participate in a range of school activities and hold the role of PTA secretary. I am enthusiastic about enabling our students to reach their full potential and providing them with opportunities to further develop in sports, cultural and artistic pursuits.

My husband and I have two children at the school in Years 3 and 5.

Amer Bhikha