Epsom Normal Primary School

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The library at ENPS is an active place for learning, creative and critical thinking, and inspiration.

This resource area is a central hub for our school, where students and teachers come to surround themselves in the extensive collection of books within a spacious learning and teaching environment.

Students not only enjoy pursuing their favourite authors and discovering a new world through reading, but also can participate in a number of fun literacy related activities at lunchtime with library duty teachers.

There is three Book clubs run during the week, Senior run by Miss Overall and Middle and Junior Book clubs run by senior students, overseen by Miss Overall.  The library is also the place where a number of other clubs come to meet.

We also have a computer pod to assist our students with their inquiry based learning as it is our purpose to empower ENPS students to become active, self directed lifelong learners.

Carolyn Davison and Sharon Overall
Teachers in Charge