Epsom Normal Primary School

Middle Student Voice Newsletter

In Term 1, we researched initiatives to make our playgrounds safer and more exciting places to play in. Therefore we decided to make this our mission for Term 2. We wrote scripts, shot clips, and produced a safety video to share with the Middle School during Week 8’s assembly...

Senior Student Voice Newsletter: Term 2 2019

Term 2 Highlights:
To kick off this term, we met up with the Junior and Middle School Student Voice representatives. As the leaders of the school, we shared with them what student voice is all about.

Junior Student Voice Newsletter: Term 2 2019

The Junior School Student Voice had a busy Term 2. We looked at different things that might improve our school environment. The first query we had was if there were enough water fountains around the school? We went around the school to see where the water fountains were...

Junior School Student Voice Newsletter: Term 1, 2019

What is Student Voice? Student Voice involves a group of children who meet each week and discuss important topics that affect all of us at ENPS. Two children are chosen from each class in Year 1 and 2 to represent their classes each term....