• Together we are strong

  • Nurtured by community

  • Inspired by creativity

  • Empowered by strengths

  • To be responsible global citizens

Message from the Principal
February 3, 2017

ENPS Newsletter

2017 Learning Theme: Together We Are Strong

Kia ngātahi ai te tu

E pakari ai te tuarā
Stand united, stand strong! 


Kia Ora Tatou, Greetings to all

We would like to welcome everyone to the 2017 school year and extend an especially warm welcome to all our new families. I hope you have had a restful and happy time during the holiday break. We look forward to working with you to help your child grow over the school year.

At this time of year it is timely to reflect on our school vision, values, learning themes and our Whakatauki:

ENPS Vision
Nurtured by community (inclusive)
Inspired by creativity (teaching)
Empowered by strengths (learning)
To be responsible global citizens (thinking critically to make a positive difference)

ENPS Values

Our learning mantra for 2017 continues to be: ‘Together We are Strong’

Our Whakatauki – Maori Proverb for 2017 continues to be:
Kia ngãtahi ai te tu
E pakari ai te tuarã
Stand united, stand strong!

A warm welcome to our new staff members, Brittany Mills and Grace O’Reilly who will be teaching Year 1 students, and Makia Gibson, who will be teaching in Year 3.

Term 1             I am a Health Expert
Term 2             I am a Geoscientist
Term 3             I am an Architect
Term 4             I am a Creative Gardener (Garden Party)

Term One Topic Programme: I am a Health Expert
Students throughout the school are studying how health experts safeguard and improve health and wellbeing for the community through research and educating others. The learning contexts include: mindfulness, understanding emotions, nutrition, body systems, fitness, first aid skills, and sustaining healthy communities through research. We are also looking for parents and family members who are involved in a health-related field. We would like to invite you to your child’s class to talk briefly to the students about how your health-related field has a positive impact on our community. Please contact your child’s teacher to be involved.

Home Learning Discussion Questions
Following recommendations from the Parent Consultation in 2016, we have revised the delivery of home learning discussion questions for this year. The whole school will receive the same topic questions every week, an approach inclusive of all learners at ENPS. These questions are a valuable opportunity for all students to discuss specific questions with family members in order to develop a deeper understanding of our learning at school. Your discussions at home also support our oral language programme. There will be a topic-related question per week as well as an alternating music and art-related question. These questions will be emailed out each Monday. They will also be available on the school website.

Artist of the Year 2017
This year we will be looking at the work of Claude Monet and Frida Kahlo as our inspirational artists. Monet was a French impressionist painter who worked predominantly in landscape painting and is most known for his ‘Waterlily’ works. Kahlo was a Mexican painter, famous for her stunning self-portraits, which were often framed by tropical plants and animals. We look forward to including the ideas and styles in our own work this year.

Music Focus 2017
This year we are studying two new composers – George Frideric Handel and Erik Satie. Our focus for Term One is Handel, as we explore his operas, oratorios, and of course his ‘Water Music’. The children are looking forward to playing class arrangements by Handel and learning about his life. We are also looking forward to learning new exciting songs and dances, and playing instruments together.


All parents and caregivers are invited to come and hear about the exciting year ahead at the school picnic on Thursday, 9th February. The teachers will share their programmes and give a general overview of their team’s learning and expectations from 4.45 – 5.15pm and this will be followed by the picnic on the senior field. If you have children in other year levels there will be an opportunity to visit their classrooms from 5.15 – 5.30pm. While parents meet the teachers, all children will be supervised on the field in organized games and activities.

Meet the Teacher meetings will be held in the following rooms:
Y1 – Rm 23T
Y2 – Rm 25,26
Y3 – Rm 19
Y4 – Rm 11,12
Y5 – R5
Y6 – R2

Warmest regards

Jane Cavanagh-Eyre

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