• Together we are strong

  • Nurtured by community

  • Inspired by creativity

  • Empowered by strengths

  • To be responsible global citizens

Message from the Principal
August 5, 2015

ENPS Newsletter

2015 Learning Theme:  Together We Are Strong
Kia ngãtahi ai te tu
E pakari ai te tuarã
Stand united, stand strong!

Kia Ora Tatou, Greetings to all

Dear Parents

Learning Programmes: ‘I am a Historian’
All our students this term will be ‘walking in the shoes’ of and ‘thinking in the mind’ of an Historian. We explore and learn from the past so we can make a better future for us all. Throughout the school students are exploring our New Zealand History and history of other countries. The school values of ‘inclusiveness’ and ‘respect’ will be focused on; contextualised within the history lessons.

Development of Talent
In the last week of term the students will be involved in our annual DOT days. Martha McFaul one of our lead teachers is in the process of working with teachers to design our DOT programmes. Forty student-teachers from the Master of Teaching programme at Auckland University will be with us during the DOT days and we will also be employing a further 6-8 teachers to maximize teaching time in order to further grow your children’s strengths.

Parent Teacher Interviews
Thank you to all parents who attended the interviews last week. We have had a positive response from our community. We would like to meet all our parents so that together we can ensure we are providing the best learning outcomes for each of our ENPS students. If you were unable to attend an interview for your child, please do not hesitate to make arrangements with your child’s teacher to do this at a later time.

Parent Consultation Meetings
Parent Consultation meetings will be held in Week 7 and Week 8 of this term (see dates and times below). Parent Consultation provides an opportunity for you to meet other parents and discuss aspirations for your child’s education. Each class will be open from 9.00 to 9.45am, allowing you time to observe your child’s work in mathematics. Following the class-viewing, you are all invited to the staffroom for a discussion with the Senior Leadership Team and Team Leaders.

Staff Update
As a staff we would like to warmly welcome Millie Woodward to ENPS. Millie is teaching our new entrant students.

Warmest regards

Jane Cavanagh-Eyre

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