• Together we are strong

  • Nurtured by community

  • Inspired by creativity

  • Empowered by strengths

  • To be responsible global citizens

Message from the Acting Principal
February 2, 2018

ENPS Newsletter

2018 Learning Theme: Together We Are Strong
Kia ngãtahi ai te tu
E pakari ai te tuarã 
Stand united, stand strong! 

Kia Ora Tatou, Greetings to all

We would like to welcome everyone to the 2018 school year and extend a warm welcome to all our new families.  I hope you have had a restful and happy time during the holiday break.

At this time of year it is timely to reflect on our school vision, values, learning themes and our Whakatauki:

ENPS Vision 
Nurtured by community (inclusive)
Inspired by creativity (teaching)
Empowered by strengths (learning)
To be responsible global citizens (thinking critically to make a positive difference)

ENPS Values

Staff Update 
A warm welcome to Anita Maletino who will be teaching in the Year 1 team, Niulala Helu who will be teaching in the Year 3 team and Alice Hansen who is our new teacher aide.

Term 1             I am a Volunteer
Term 2             I am a Biologist
Term 3             I am a Polyglot
Term 4             I am an Artist

Term 1 – I am a Volunteer

This term’s topic will see students learning about how volunteers use their strengths to build and sustain stronger communities. Our aim is for students to think about the needs of communities as they research and plan a variety of proactive initiatives which will be implemented during the final weeks of this term.

Home Learning Discussion Questions
The home learning discussion questions are an important part of our home learning programme at ENPS and alternate weekly. The questions are based on our Topic, Arts and Music programmes and include a weekly Te Reo phrase. The home learning discussion questions will be available next week.

Artist of the Year 2018
The Fauvist Movement:
Richard Killeen
Robyn Kahukiwa

Music Focus 2018
This year the composer of the year is John Williams.
John Williams is a an American composer and conductor who has written some of the most recognisable film scores in cinematic history – including the scores for Star Wars, Superman, Jaws, Indiana Jones, Jurassic Park and Harry Potter. John Williams’ work consists of predominantly epic orchestral scores, which are incredibly emotive, and feature leitmotifs associated with particular characters/moods etc. I am really looking forward to exploring John Williams’ music with our students, who will already be able to hum many themes from his beautiful works.  Chrissy Isdale, Music Specialist

Term 1 School Calendar

Ngā  mihi nui
Ateel Sudhakar
Acting Principal

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