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Message from the Principal
July 6, 2016

ENPS Newletter

2016 Learning Theme: Together We Are Strong
Kia ngātahi ai te tu
E pakari ai te tuarā
Stand united, stand strong!


Kia Ora Tatou, Greetings to all 


It is wonderful to be back at school with our amazing staff and students. During my sabbatical I had an opportunity to undertake further research with other educators on how best to lift teacher performance. The sabbatical was a very worthwhile experience. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Ateel Sudhakar our Associate Principal, for doing a superb job in my absence.


Our Learning Programmes
Term 2 Learning Focus – ‘I am a Physicist’

In Term Two’s topic I am a Physicist, students throughout the school have explored the different forms of energy and how energy changes.

Students in the Junior School have experimented with forces and motion, investigating pushing or pulling and sinking and floating. They have also had the opportunity to manipulate sound to understand how it works.

The Middle School has been experimenting with light, exploring how rainbows are made, and learning how light energy can be transferred into heat energy. Investigations into magnetic forces have revealed the impact this can have on the motion of metal and non-metal objects.

In the Senior School students have been exploring many different forms of energy including electricity, both static and current. They have developed an understanding of the properties and components of circuits using equipment such as wires, batteries and switches to make a light bulb turn on.

In the last few weeks of this term, students throughout the school have had the opportunity to showcase their learning in creative ways. They have completed experiments to demonstrate their learning in physics and utilised scientific vocabulary to describe their observations. The juniors have created science booklets, while the middle and senior classes have presented their learning to their peers at a Science Fair.


Māori Language Week 2016
The campaign will run from July 4 – 10.

The theme for this year is ākina te reo – behind you all the way, which is about using te reo Māori to support people, to inspire and to cheer on.


Parent Interviews
Discussion documents will go home on 1 August. Parent interviews will be held from 2 August – 4 August. A notice will be emailed on 25 July with details of booking an appointment with your child’s teacher. Please note the times that will be available for appointments.

2 August        7.45 – 8.30am
3 August        7.45 – 8.30am and 1.30 – 6.00pm
4 August        3.15 – 5.30pm

*A REMINDER THAT SCHOOL FINISHES AT 1.pm on Wednesday 3 August.


Parent Consultation Meetings
Parent consultation meetings will be held between 30 August and 7 September. Parent consultation meetings provide an opportunity and platform for you to meet other parents and discuss aspirations for your child’s education. Each class will be open from 9.00 to 9.45am for you to observe your child’s work and learning environment with a focus on the school’s topic programme. Following the class viewing, you will be invited for a discussion led by the Senior Leadership Team and Team Leaders.

Year 3/4         30 August
Year 1             31 August
Year 2             6 September
Year 5/6         7 September


Staffing Update
We welcome Hayley Morris, who will be teaching our new entrants in Term 3.


Thank You
Thank you to the PTA for organising two successful events this term, the School Disco and the GeographyAthon. The money raised from these events provides valuable resources for our school and students. Your hard work is greatly appreciated!


Ngā mihi nui


Jane Cavanagh-Eyre

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