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Message from the Principal
December 12, 2016

ENPS Newsletter

2016 Learning Theme: Together We Are Strong

Kia ngātahi ai te tu
E pakari ai te tuarā
Stand united, stand strong! 


Dear Parents

This is our final newsletter for the year.  We have had an exciting and rewarding year of teaching and learning.  It has been a pleasure to teach every one of your children.  They are all very special, unique and very talented.

Students and Parents Leaving our Community
Farewell and thank-you.  As students you have lived the school values daily and achieved extremely well, and thank-you to the parents who have contributed their time and energy to the school over many years.  Remember you always belong to the ENPS community.

Staff on Leave for 2017
Gina Potter and Carolyn Davison are on study leave for 2017 and Martha McFaul is on leave for the year to take up a lecturing position at AUT University.

Unfortunately at this time of the year we have staff who are leaving the school.  Helen Kilgour has had a very long association with the school.  She has taught at ENPS for 41 years. Helen, we have been very fortunate to have you on the staff at ENPS, every day of the 41 years you have been highly committed in ensuring that you have provided high quality learning programmes for all your students.

Kristen Wood our office administrator is also leaving after 29 years.  Thank-you Kris for your outstanding work in the office, you will be very much missed by the SLT team.

Paula Looker, Lee Kang, Nina Holding and Althea Wyndham-Jones are also leaving the school. On behalf of the school community thank-you to  Paula and Lee for providing inspirational learning programmes for your students, to Althea for providing excellent sick-bay care of our students and to Nina for supporting students at ENPS. We wish you all the very best with your future pursuits. 

Recently the senior staff presented our 2016 achievement results in Maths, Reading and Writing to the BOT. Overall, we as a school, have achieved outstanding results The results are as follows:

School-wide in Mathematics
94% of our children met their expected National Standard level

School-wide in Reading
86% of our students met their expected National Standard level

School-wide in Writing
83% of our students met their expected National Standard

I would very much like to express my thanks to all the teachers and support-staff who  have worked tirelessly with your children to achieve these results.  I would also like to thank the BOT who provide the necessary resourcing to support the learning programmes and to you, the parent community, for taking such an active role in your childrens’ education.

‘Te Kōrero O Aotearoa
The students have definitely had worthwhile experiences as performers this term. The productions were enjoyable and fun, where students could particpate together to produce memorable performances.  Thank-you to all staff, who worked in a range of roles to make the productions such a success.  We hoped you enjoyed the shows.


Thank-you to Adam Taylor and all of the trustees for governing the school so effectively.

Thank-you to the PTA for your commitment to the school in fundraising for a number of valuable resources.  The students greatly benefit from this support.

To all of the parents who have contributed in a variety of ways throughout the year to our school events and activities, thank-you on behalf of the staff and students.  Your commitment to the school is greatly appreciated.

Your child will be informed of his/her class for 2017 on Friday 16 December.  The students will visit their new teachers during that day.

Again thank-you to all parents for your continuing support of the school.

Student reports will be handed to students on Friday, the last day of school.


Ngā mihi nui
Jane Cavanagh-Eyre

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