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Message from the Principal
August 22, 2017

A Message From The Principal and the ENPS BOT Chair

A message from Jane Cavanagh-Eyre Principal Epsom Normal

Dear Parents

I am writing to inform you of my resignation as Principal of Epsom Normal Primary School. My last day at the school will be Monday 18 December 2017. I am resigning from my principal’s position to take up the role of an international education consultant, which is an excellent career opportunity for me. It was an extremely difficult decision for me to make, as I am leaving such a wonderful school community.

Although I am going to be here until the end of the year, I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank the BOT for their excellent governance of the school, the Senior Leadership Team and staff who are inspirational educators and your gorgeous children who are such a pleasure to teach. Thank you to you as parents also, for supporting the school so that ENPS is an inspirational place of learning for all our children.

Warmest regards

Jane Cavanagh-Eyre


A message from Adam Taylor BOT Chairperson of Epsom Normal

Dear Parents

On behalf of the ENPS community I would like to thank Jane for her service and contributions to the school. She has been the Principal at Epsom Normal for nine years and has led the school through significant change. Now the school has an unrelenting focus on delivering inspirational learning for your students, working from student strengths and embracing fully the values of ENPS.

Due to Jane’s leadership our school has been recognised by educators nationally and internationally. Jane has been sought after to present and showcase the work being done at ENPS by the Ministry of Education, principals of other schools and university academics from NZ and overseas.

Jane has decided to move on to be an educational consultant on the international stage, and the BOT wishes her well with this endeavour. Jane will be farewelled at the end of Term 4.

The BOT is now in the process of appointing a new principal. The position will be advertised shortly and it is hoped that a new principal will be appointed by the middle of Term 4 to take up the appointment in February 2018.

Warmest regards

Adam Taylor
BOT Chairperson

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